Take a killer track away from a skate video and you lose some of that magic. 

Going back to that same part of a video over and over again means you gotta go back to that same song, ingrained in your mind, hand in hand, forever.

Milan's G. Quagliano takes this concept and runs with it with his independent web radio show, Skate Muzik. Quagliano repurposes the soundtracks of classic skate videos to create hour long mixes for your listening pleasure (and to slap you square in the face with VHS skate video nostalgia).

Some of our favourite shows so far include the Beastie Boys Special, Jazz in Skate Special and Love Songs in Skate Special (cos "love hurts sometimes, same thing as skateboarding... just get back on your board, try a new trick maybe and have some fun with it" HA!). 

You can catch the Skate Muzik show every month on NTS Radio or listen back to previous shows here.

Edit: It only took Macca a month to work out that he's been trying to log in to the customer shop account instead of the fucking blog page to post about this. Good work lad, good work.