MC Nelson 'Stepmother' Video Premiere @ Lost Art - Sat 7th April / 7-11pm

Liverpool has been blessed with its fair share of killer MC's and hip-hop acts over the years. 

The late 80's/early 90's gave us Bantu (you can cop their 1991 white label promo 12" on Discogs for a couple of quid), the mid to late 90's gave us First In Command (their album Pest Control got released retrospectively on Chopped Herring Records - ya can grab that on Discogs for upwards of £30), and then there's the likes of Tony Broke, Lee Scott and Bang On.

Fast forward to present day and there's one MC on the come up who's got us like "fuckin ell this kid is dope" and that cat is known as MC Nelson.

Having had a strong 2017 which involved bagging a support slot for Ghostface Killah no less, Nelson has already come out flying in 2018 with the launch of his jazz-tinged track 'By The River' in January - the video to the track is now on over 30,000 views on YouTube and touches on a subject that is rarely visited by UK MC's.

"The main concept was to explore the history of race in Liverpool and just the history of Liverpool as a whole, through the River Mersey. From its integral role in the transatlantic slave trade, to the docks as a first landing place for immigrants from all over the world. As well as the role the Mersey played in the 1919 race riots and the death of Charles Wooton. The Mersey has seen so much that is rarely spoken of."
The 23 year old clearly means business and we're honoured to be hosting the video premiere of his next release 'Stepmother' along with a live performance in store on Saturday 7th April. We're hyped to see what the second instalment brings and get further insight into the workings of Nelson. 
"My next single Stepmother which drops 7th April – also attempts to grapple with big questions such as racism and identity in modern Britain, but has a completely different vibe, both musically and visually to By the River, both songs are tiles from a larger mosaic that people will get to see later in the year."
It's clear that Nelson is currently on an upward trajectory but it's refreshing to hear an artist who is grounded, down to earth and simply enjoying the ride, meeting his heroes and repping his city.
"I’m trying not to get too bogged down in long term goals and big spectacles and realise everything. Every opportunity is a highlight. We used to rap in the park for no one, and I’ll be rapping in the nursing home so anything that happens in between is a blessing. Being able to rap abroad is crazy, and to be able to meet and speak to the likes of Pharaoh Monche and Ghostface Killah is beyond surreal. Last week I opened up for the Pharcyde in Manchester and they gave me a shout out in their set, which was wild. Of course everything that I’m able to do in Liverpool holds extra significance, I had a great gig earlier in the year supporting Nightmares on Wax, and have done a bunch of great gigs at Kitchen Street (which is basically my home turf) with the likes of Loyle Carner and the Abstract Orchestra. In January when we premiered by the river at the FACT, was the first time my parents had seen me perform, and they were like, “oh you’re actually kind of not trash you should really pursue this” , that was definitely a highlight. 
It's a good job he's got his parents seal of approval. He's got the Lost Art seal of approval. And he's even got Wu Tang approval, sort of. 
"So late last year I opened up for Ghostface Killah in Birmingham, it was one of the largest crowds I’ve ever played to and was just an all-round great night. Backstage I got to meet the man, the myth, the legend himself and launched into a blabber mouthed fan-boy rant about how him and MF-Doom’s stream of consciousness style changed the way I listen to and write rap, and just how much of an inspiration and general legend he is. After what seemed like an eternity of my verbal diarrhoea he simply replied “nigga your accent is wild”."
Be sure to catch Nelson and his video premiere for "Stepmother" at the shop on Saturday 7th April from 7pm, followed by a special live performance. It's gonna be dope!
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